Nisäkäskuvat.fi website is meant for all those who need nature photos for print, web or other publications or for other purposes. The photos on the website are password protected. If you want to have a password for the website or if you have forgotten it, you can ask for it here.

The website contains mainly Finnish and European mammals grouped in species folders. After login you can add the photos you want in your shopping cart and send us your order or your call for tenders using our order. The use of the photos on the site must always be agreed on with the photographer. Unauthorized use or copying of the photos is forbidden by law. We welcome any feedback and further requests of info at contact.

The website focuses on mammals and photos related to them. There is, however, ample supply of other nature photos as well, and the website is under constant revision with new folders and photos. All the images on the website are small-sized copies of the originals. Requests and orders of high resolution images can be made on the site.

In addition to mammals, our selection also includes species folders of plants and mushrooms, birds, frogs, reptiles and lizards as well as butterflies and dragonflies. There are also folders of landscapes and natural phenomena, not forgetting man and nature. Animal traces and droppings also have their own folder. The photos on the website are produced by nature photographers Esko Inberg ja Anita Inberg.