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Esko Inberg – esko@nisakaskuvat.fi

rantakäärmeI am a Nature Photographer / Nature Expert from Pori. I have always been interested in mammals, although observation of their activities is a challenge, because many species are usually on the move at dusk or dawn or at night. Despite the challenge I prefer to photograph mammals and their traces in the nature. When I photograph mammals, I photograph also other nature. I have taken the first nature photographs already at the primary school age with a “candy cane camera” with black and white film. My nature photographs have been published in books, newspapers and several nature magazines. In addition I have organized many nature slideshows. My photographs have also been published in the electronic media. I have worked many years in teaching projects related to mammals, butterflies, dragonflies, frogs and snakes. My nature photographs have been used as teaching material. I have been involved in many mammal projects in various positions. Research interests have been in big predators, small predators and bats. My photographs have also been exhibited in presentation of research results.

Anita Inberg – anita@nisakaskuvat.fi

rantakäärmeI am an amateur nature photographer from Pori. I am most interested in plants, but I also photograph butterflies and dragonflies, and somewhat landscape photographs. In recent years my photographing hobby has been more active.


Jenni Inberg – jenni@nisakaskuvat.fi

I work with graphics and audio processing and I am from Helsinki. I have been responsible for the visual design of the Nisäkäskuvat.fi -site. I am also involved in sales of photographs and services of the site. You can contact me in English or in Finnish.